Zap Mats: Flash (Misprints)

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The Flash Zap Mat is a tattoo flash sheet for your desk, and it’s chock-a-block with creepy creepers and magical misfits. This one just wasn’t printed quite right.

Zap Mats are exclusive large-scale deskmats that feature custom artwork commissioned from artists we dig. They feature a smooth and slick fabric top with a solid rubber bottom. They’re big and beautiful and ready to help you work and play in style. This product is a misprint, the original can be viewed here.

What is wrong with this "misprint" mat?

  • The detail of the printing on these is fine, but the color in general is not consistent with past runs. Overall, the background skews more red than usual, and has an unpleasant "pale sunburned skin" appearance.

Size: 35.5" (900mm) x 12.75" (325mm) x 4mm thick

These mats are sold as-is, and non-refundable.
Art by the legend Francisco Agudo