Zap Mats: Bacon Shredder (Misprints)

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The Bacon Shredder Zap Mat is a wild and beautiful abstract desktop mess-terpiece. When theyre printed well, anyway.

Zap Mats are exclusive large-scale deskmats that feature custom artwork. They feature a smooth and slick fabric top with a solid rubber bottom. They’re big and beautiful and ready to help you work and play in style.

The Bacon Shredder design features a Jamón-inspired color scheme of maroon, red, and off-white. Shred away!

What is wrong with these "misprint" mats?

  • These didnt quite meet our quality control standards mainly due to some blurriness in the final print (some of the fine detail didn't register, and ended up looking fuzzy/uneven), and because the colors were just a bit off.

Size: 35.5" (900mm) x 12.75" (325mm) x 4mm thick