Current Status

Our state is currently under a "Safer at home" order, which we will be abiding by. We will be working out of our home basement workshop for the foreseeable future. This will cause some disruptions in our daily operations, but we will do our best to post regular updates here. Please check in often, as things change quickly.

Friday / 3 APR 2020

As of this week, the United States Postal Service has placed shipping restrictions on 22 countries, with another 29 to be added on April 7.

If you are ordering from an affected country, you may see an error message when you attempt to check out and you will not be able to complete the transaction. This measure is in effect until further notice, per the USPS.

To check the status of your country, please check out this page for up-to-date information.

Thursday / 2 APR 2020

To celebrate 4/20, every order will receive a free "Mr. Nice Nug" air freshener (while supplies last)! He is lemon-scented, and the scent is strong. If you'd prefer not to receive one with your order, please leave us a note somewhere in the order comments. Thanks again for being excellent, we hope Mr. Nice Nug can bring a little bit of joy and lemon-y freshness to your workspace, home, apartment, basement, or vehicle :)

Mr. Nice Nug!

Wednesday / 1 APR 2020

For the next week, we are accepting donations for Direct Relief to help the fight against COVID-19. If you are making a purchase, consider adding on a small donation. Every little bit matters, and we think it's worthwhile. We will match your donation and give you some freebies to boot! You can learn more about it on the donation page. Thank you!

Friday / 27 MAR 2020

While we haven't had any issues with materials we source being unavailable during this crisis, we're noticing delivery times on supplies is becoming slower. Many of our vendors/manufacturers are working with reduced staff and facing (in some cases) increased demand.

If you notice an item out of stock on the site, please be patient. It will be back in stock soon! We will be doing our best to keep accurate inventory on the site, and make sure it is updated regularly.

Some items of note:

  • Matte Black Detachable DIY Kits will be back in stock sometime today.
  • LEMO connectors should be back in stock sometime next week.
  • Clear Techflex is backordered from manufacturer, expected to be delivered sometime in the next 12 weeks. We have a small amount on hand, but are reserving it for DIY Kits until it is gone.

Tuesday / 24 MAR 2020

We have relocated to our basement workshop (the Zap Annex!), and have made purchasing available again on the website. I'm sure we'll run into some roadblocks that we haven't anticipated yet as we dig back in, but we'll keep everyone updated here as the weeks progress.

  • Inventory may be weird for a bit. We are awaiting some deliveries that have been re-routed from our shop address. The inventory may be a little volatile this week as it all gets sorted out. If something you are looking for is out of stock or missing as a menu option, it's because we don't have it in the Zap Annex and are awaiting re-supply.
  • Readymade Cable batches will be de-prioritized. Since we are working from home, our two part-time co-workers will not be able to contribute remotely. This is a significant hit to our operation. Angela and I will be handling everything, and DIY orders will be our primary focus. We will make new readymade batches as we can.
  • Delivery time on orders may increase by a day or so. We are going to schedule daily USPS mail pickups while we work from home, which may add a day or so to order delivery times. You can expect to see a shipping confirmation email as usual, but the tracking may not update for a day or so while your package is awaiting pickup.