ZCORP is the Zap Cables Official Refurbished Program! It is a way for us to help give old, unused, or slightly damaged cables a second chance while keeping them out of landfills. It also gives you a chance to earn some money while giving others a chance to buy a nice cable at less-than-new prices. It's a win-win-win!

If you have a cable you'd like to sell for refurbishment, fill out the form at the link below and we'll let you know if it is a good candidate for the ZCORP. If you have any questions in the meantime, scroll through the FAQ below or contact us for more info.

Fill out the form and submit a cable

Looking to purchase a refurbished cable? Check out our Refurbished Cables page!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It's simple! Start by filling out this form. Once we receive your completed form, we will review it and confirm that your cable will be a good candidate for refurbishment. If it is, we will email you a shipping label that you can use to send your cable in to us. We will repair it, post it for sale, and split the profits with you once it ships out!

Will you accept any cable?

No. Ideal candidates for the ZCORP are custom cables that are in good physical and working condition but aren't being used by you anymore, or cables with a little bit of physical damage or functionality issues that aren't too much work to troubleshoot. Old cables that are completely ravaged, in pieces, or that require lots of work to salvage won't be accepted at this stage.

How much will I get paid for my cable?

It will vary based on the condition of the cable, its overall specs, and how much work we need to put into it to make it feel new again. Whatever profit is made on the cable after we recoup the cost of the shipping label and the cost to repair the cable will be split 50/50 between you and us. That said, we anticipate most cables will earn you in the neighborhood of $612 each (or a little more if you opt to be paid in store credit). Since this program is brand new, we're honestly not exactly sure. Rest assured we'll do our best to maximize your earnings while reselling at a fair price.

How do I get paid?

We will pay you with cash via Paypal, or with store credit to our website. Whichever you choose, payments will be made promptly after your old cable sells and without fees for you.

What happens if nobody buys my old cable?

If nobody has purchased your cable after 60 days, we will reduce the price to encourage a sale and salvage any money we can. If after another 30 days it remains unpurchased, we will donate it to a local youth tech program so it doesn't go unused. In that case, no payment will be made.

How long will it take for me to get paid?

Assume it will take us a week or two to get your cable repaired and posted for sale. How long it takes for the cable to sell after that is hard to say, but as soon as it does sell you will get paid within 2 to 3 business days.

Do you accept used cables from overseas?

Sure, we will accept cables from overseas. But we will not cover the shipping charges.

Will any of my personal information from the form be shared with the new buyer of my old cable?

No, we will not communicate any personal information of any kind to the buyers of ZCORP cables. That information is strictly for Zap's bookkeeping and communication purposes.