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Lightweight and strong, 550 paracord is a great sleeving option.

The cord we use to sleeve our cables is primarily U.S.-made 550 Paracord. The construction materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically they are made from nylon or polyester with a diameter of about 5/32" (4mm). They are the perfect size to sleeve our USB 2.0 Cable and Audio (AUX) Cable. Grab some extra pieces for your DIY project!

We are dedicated to stocking the highest-quality cords that we can find, in as wide of a variety as possible. If there’s a color or pattern that you’re thinking of and can’t find it here, let us know! We’ll track it down.

Note: Paracord does have some stretch to it, and a 4-foot length of paracord (for example) won't cover a 4-foot length of bare cable. We recommend using a 1.15:1 paracord-to-cable ratio to estimate how much paracord you'll need. So, for 4' of bare cable (48"), you'd need approx. 4'7" (55") of paracord.