Custom GMK Panels Cable

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By Dec. 1, 2021

I am aware that this is a pre-order, and the Panels cable will not ship out immediately. (Expected ship date: By Dec. 1, 2021) required

A unique custom cable to go with your GMK Panels keycaps!

The Custom GMK Panels Cable is the perfect complement to your keycap set. A true custom in all ways, this cable features an exclusive custom-made paracord (we call it Panels (by Zap)) that will only be available for a limited time during this pre-order window.

MEDIUM coils are 3/8" inner diameter (approx. 3/4" outer diameter)
LARGE coils are 1/2" inner diameter (approx. 1" outer diameter)

Coil Alignment

Straight and 90 Degree Coil Alignment

Coil Alignment (with Detachable Connector)

Coiled cables with detachable connectors will be built to the selected arrangement as illustrated below. Feel free to request custom arrangements if you need something more specific!

Straight with Host Coils

Straight with Device Coils

90 Degrees with Host Coil

Detachable End 90-degree device coil


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