Custom “Old School” Retractable Cable

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Bring some vintage appeal to your setup with these customizable old-school cables!

The Custom “Old School” Retractable Cable is a fun way to bring a throwback aesthetic to your modern desktop. The coils have great stretchability, and since they are truly retractable they will always snap back into place. Leave it uncoiled or add a detachable connector for further customization. Great for traveling, or throwing in a backpack!

These cables come in the color options listed only, and cannot be sleeved


  • USB 2.0 spec
  • Conductors: Four (4) 26 AWG, with drain wire
  • Cable Outer Diameter: approx. 0.175–0.195" (4.5–5mm)
  • Coil Outer Diameter: approx. 0.75" (19mm)
  • Single mylar foil shield
These cables are manufactured in the USA

Coil Alignment

Straight and 90 Degree Coil Alignment

Coil Alignment (with Detachable Connector)

Coiled cables will be built to the selected arrangement as illustrated below. Feel free to request custom arrangements if you need something more specific!

Straight with Host Coils

Straight with Device Coils

90 Degrees with Host Coil

Detachable End 90-degree device coil