Old School Retractable USB Cable

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Our Old School Retractable USB Cable is 2.0 spec and features four internal conductors and a thick outer jacket that is great for coiling. It looks great without needing any additional sleeving!

Note: This cable does not come pre-coiled.


  • Cable outer diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Internal conductors: Four (4) 26 AWG, with drain wire
  • Shielding: Mylar foil shield

If you need larger quantities of cable, please contact us and we'll let you know how we can help!

Making Coils?

If you are making coils, remember that you will need extra cable. Here's what you'll need for some typical coil lengths (assuming you are using a 3/8" rod to coil your cable around):

  • For 6" coils, add 4 feet
  • For 9" coils, add 6 feet
  • For 12" coils, add 8 feet

Old School Retractable Cable Coiling Guide

Making coils with this cable might be a little bit different than you are used to. Our Old School Retractable Cable Coiling Guide will walk you through it.

Old School Cable Coiling Guide cover image