Detachable USB Cable Device Ends

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Get some extra device ends to make the most out of your Detachable Cable!

The Detachable Cable Device Ends are made to maximize the versatility of your Design-Your-Own Detachable Cable. Get a separate device end for each of your various keyboards, phones, and devices without having to re-purchase a whole new cable!

Please note: These cables do not include the "host" half of the detachable cable.

MEDIUM coils are 3/8" inner diameter (approx. 3/4" outer diameter)
LARGE coils are 1/2" inner diameter (approx. 1" outer diameter)

Coil Alignment

Device End coil alignment

Color Chart

Take a look at the Color Chart to see the available cord, double-sleeving, and heatshrink color options.


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