Design-Your-Own Detachable Cable

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Bring some extra flexibility and straight-up metal bad-assery to your cable!

The Design-Your-Own Detachable Cable is the same kind of cable as our Design-Your-Own USB Cable, only with an added detachable connector in the middle! It’s quick to disconnect, and gives you options to mix-and-match cable halves while preserving the lifespan of your device’s USB receptacle. Plus it looks tough as hell.

Please note: Unless requested otherwise, these cables will be built with about 5" of cable length between the Device/Keyboard connector and the detachable connector. If coils are added, they will be placed near the detachable connector on the Host/CPU side (as illustrated below). Feel free to request custom arrangements!

Detachable Diagram


Also please note: If you select an MDPC-X double-sleeving option, we will default your cord selection to a matching/complementary cord color.

Coil Alignment


Detachable Ends

Add some extra connector options to your Detachable Cable with our Detachable Cable Ends!

Color Chart

Take a look at the Color Chart to see the available cord, double-sleeving, and heatshrink color options.


If you have specific questions, try checking out the FAQ.