ZCORP Cable 32

Current Stock:

Coiled Emerald Green/Green cable with Cerakoted 5-pin detachable connector.

All refurbished cables have been inspected, cleaned, tested, and repaired (as needed) by us to ensure they are working 100%.

Why refurbished? Refurbished cables help us give old, unused, or slightly damaged cables a second chance while keeping them out of landfills. It also gives cable owners a chance to earn some money by selling us their old or unused cables, while giving others a chance to buy a nice cable at less-than-new prices. It's a win-win-win!

Cable Specs:

  • 4 ft. overall length
  • 6" MEDIUM coils (3/8" inner diameter)
  • Type-A to Type-C connectors
  • 5-pin detachable GX16 connector (Aztec Teal Cerakote)
  • Emerald Green paracord, Green Techflex, White heatshrink
ZCORP cables are sold as-is, and are not eligible for return or exchange.