Zap Mats: Shit Stock (Various)

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The Shit Stock Zap Mats are straight-up rejects.

This batch of Shit Stock (Hawaii Trip and Clackathon designs) was printed with a low-resolution JPEG instead of the actual vector art as intended. The result is a very blurry and pixelated print. We don't feel right selling them as B-stock, but we also don't want to throw them away. We've donated a handful of them locally, and are putting the rest up for sale here. If you want a cheap mat that you can spill beverages and drip solder blobs on with impunity, these are for you.

Size: 35.5" (900mm) x 12.75" (325mm) x 4mm thick

These mats are sold as-is, and are non-refundable. They are imperfect. Purchase at your own risk.