Zap Labs: Old School Retractable Coil

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Bring some vintage appeal to your setup with these stretchy old school coils!

The Zap Labs: Old School Retractable Coil cable is a fun way to bring a throwback aesthetic to your modern desktop. Made from matte black polyurethane that is built to stretch, the coils on these cables are 16" in length and stretch all the way out to 6 feet! And being truly retractable, they will always snap back into place. We can trim the straight lengths on either side of the coils to your preference, and all USB connector types are available.


Please note: These cables come in matte black only, and cannot be sleeved. Coil length is always 16". The straight ends on either side of the coil are oriented at 90-degree angles tangent to the coil.

Compatability: These cables have a very long overall cable run, about 16 feet, so they will likely not provide enough power to supply very demanding keyboards like the Massdrop CTRL or HHKBs.


  • Cable Outer Diameter: 0.180" (4.6mm)
  • Coil Outer Diameter: 0.72" (18.3mm)
  • Conductors: 26 AWG
  • Mylar Shield
These cables are manufactured in the USA