Zap Labs: Coated Coil

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Durable coils that look like they were dipped in delicious rubbery armor.

The Coated Coil is our attempt at building stronger, more beautiful coils. Bare corded coils look great and hold their shape well, but lack protection. Adding double-sleeving helps protect the coils and keep them taut, but we think there’s room for more options. The Coated Coil is how we protect the coil and reinforce the coil’s memory, making it a great option for people who want a coiled cable that maintains its great look and can hold up to the rigors of traveling or commuting.

Coated Coils come with 6 inches of coil.

If you’d like to further customize this cable or have questions about it, just drop us a note in the comments field and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We ❤ customization!

Color Chart

Take a look at the Color Chart to see the available cord, double-sleeving, and heatshrink color options.


If you have specific questions, try checking out the FAQ.