Currently, we are accepting (and fulfilling) new cable orders in two-week sprints.

At the beginning of each sprint, we will make cables available for purchase. Once we have reached our capacity for the sprint (i.e., the amount of cables we can produce during those two weeks), we will close orders again until the start of the next sprint. Then we’ll do it all over again!

To make it as clear as we can, we’ve set up this calendar that will help communicate the upcoming schedule. Please check it often for updated times*, and please read below for other important information.


* Each open window has a start and end time on the calendar. The start time is operative, but the end time will vary based on the amount of orders that come in. We only set an end time because Google Calendar makes us.

Please note!

  • The “open” windows have been very brief so far. As we add capacity the window should be able to stay open longer, but for now please be warned that we may reach our capacity quickly after opening.
  • Please be advised that if you have any items wish-listed, the item options you selected won’t transfer over when you move them from the Wish List to the Cart. I am aware of this issue and have talked with my e-commerce platform about it, but for now there’s no easy way for me to make that change to the functionality. So, heads up!
  • This schedule only applies to made-to-order cable products. Other readymade items and DIY kits are available all the time.

Why the sprint schedule?

We think it’s good for a few reasons.

  1. It will give everyone a better understanding when cables will be available for order.
  2. Orders will be fulfilled faster. In any given sprint all orders will be fulfilled within two weeks, with most of them being fulfilled much faster than that.
  3. We are a very small shop, so this schedule will help us accommodate interruptions in our workload, or increase/decrease the order volume we take in based on our capacity at the time.

If you have questions feel free to contact us anytime, or better yet...join our Discord!