Clack Heads: Kapow

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Clack Heads are a series of enamel pins featuring a quirky crew of misfit keycap-headed friends.

Kapow is the bold, brawny bad-ass of the Clack Heads crew. His loyalty is unwavering, and he’ll often throw down for his friends at the slightest whiff of a squabblewhether it’s appropriate or not. He is always prepared. His dress is combat-ready, his weapons are sharpened, and his jaws are clenched. He isn’t shy about speaking his mind, and while his friends may tease him for his blustery mannerisms, they know that behind all of his showmanship is a genuine impulse to protect them at all costs.

  • 0.83" x 1.57" (21mm x 40mm)
  • Soft enamel with black metal finish
  • Double-posted
  • Black rubber clutches
 Character illustrations by Diego Marmolejo