Bumper 60% Keyboard Case (R2: Smoky Copper)

Current Stock:
Available for pre-order through Nov. 1, 2021. Estimated ship date would be late Jan., 2022.
The min/max order quantity for this round will be 50 units (full kits). Once we hit 50, pre-orders will close. If we don't hit 50 in the time allowed, we will cancel and refund all pre-orders.

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Bumper is a standard 60% four-post tray-mount keyboard case.

Bumper is a sturdy, rounded keyboard case that is inspired by our love of pinball. It has removable side pieces that we call "flippers" and a 4-post mounting system. This Round 2 pre-order will feature a smoky black polycarbonate body design and sandblasted copper flippers. Special when lit!

Follow along in our Bumper Discord server for project updates and more information.

Early Prototype Build Videos

Please note: This video features a Bumper that has an aluminum body. "Round 2" Bumpers that will be for pre-sale here will have the black polycarbonate bodies shown above.

Round 2: What’s included

  • One (1) Bumper keyboard case body (smoky black polycarbonate)
  • Two (2) Flippers (sandblasted copper)
  • Two (2) 3M rubber non-slip foot strips with pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Five (5) M2 hex screws for the flippers
  • One (1) Mini 1.3mm hex driver for hex screws
  • Five (5) M2 pan head screws for mounting PCB (PCB not included)
  • One (1) storage box with foam padding
  • Misc. goodies


  • Overall width: 308mm / 12.125"
  • Overall Depth: 133mm / 5.25"
  • Front Height: 19mm / 0.75"
  • Rear Height: 31mm / 1.25"
  • Weight: 2lbs 2.2oz / 970g (with copper flippers)
  • Typing angle: 7 degrees

PCBs and Plates?

The Bumper does not come with a PCB or plate. You will need to purchase those separately, or use ones you already own. Most standard 60% PCBs should fit the Bumper just fine.