Keycaps Series: Godspeed Mars

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Do you want to make it a “Detachable” cable?

KCS:Godspeed Mars features Burnt Orange cord, beige double-sleeving, and white heatshrink.

The best-looking keycaps deserve cables that match. Our Keycaps Series cables are designed to provide that great-looking complementary aesthetic to some of our favorite keycaps.

Prepare your keyboard for MiTo’s Godspeed keycaps set with our KCS:Godspeed Mars cable. Double-check your systems and get your spacecrafts ready, because when this ship launches you donʼt want to get left behind. We’re going to the moon!

If you’d like to further customize this cable, just drop us a note in the comments field and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We ❤ customization!


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