Keycaps Series: 9009

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Do you want to make it a “Detachable” cable?

KCS:9009 features Green cord, gray double-sleeving, and black heatshrink.

The best-looking keycaps deserve cables that match. Our Keycaps Series cables are designed to provide that great-looking complementary aesthetic to some of our favorite keycaps.

This toned-down green cord is the perfect complement to the keycaps inspired by everyone's favorite 90s beige beautythe G80-9009HAU. If you own one of these classic keyboards, or the revival GMK 9009 keycaps, this cable will add a gorgeous and subtle touch.

If you’d like to further customize this cable, just drop us a note in the comments field and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We ❤ customization!


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