Design-Your-Own LEMO® Detachable Cable

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Holy overkill! These space-grade detachable cables are not for the faint of heart. Or wallet.

Founded in Switzerland in 1946, LEMO® was originally a manufacturer of contacts in noble and rare metals. The company took a major step forward in 1957 with the introduction of their famous push-pull self-latching connector, which is the kind you’ll find in our Design-Your-Own LEMO Detachable Cable

We use only original LEMO B Series connector parts here, no knock-offs or substitutions. Which is also why it costs as much as a new pair of Jordans. But the quality and construction of LEMO connectors are no joke, you’ll feel it when you hold one in your hand and pull it apart.

The Design-Your-Own LEMO Detachable Cable is the same kind of cable as our Design-Your-Own USB Cable, only with an added LEMO push-pull detachable connector in the middle! It’s the easiest to disconnect, and gives you options to mix-and-match cable halves while preserving the lifespan of your device’s USB receptacle. Plus it looks intergalactic as hell.

Also please note: If you select an MDPC-X double-sleeving option, we will default your cord selection to a matching/complementary cord color.

Coil Alignment

Coiled cables will be built to the selected arrangement as illustrated below. Feel free to request custom arrangements if you need something more specific!

LEMO default alignment

LEMO device side coils

LEMO 90 Coil Alignment

LEMO 90 Device Coil Alignment


Add some extra connector options to your LEMO Detachable Cable with our LEMO Detachable Cable Ends!

Color Chart

Take a look at the Color Chart to see the available cord, double-sleeving, and heatshrink color options.


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