Design Your Own AUX Cable

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Bring style and quality to your phone, car, PC, or stereo audio cable.

We’ve worked hard to develop a solid AUX cable for all of your 3.5mm audio needs, whether it’s connecting your phone in your car or plugging in some headphones! The cable we use is a shielded mic/line audio cable for high-quality audio signals. Your choice of cord, double-sleeve, and heatshrink colors will help take it to the next level! Looking for other options for your AUX cable? Just let us know!

Please note: The plugs on this cable are larger than typical 3.5mm jacks, and may not fit through the audio jack openings of bulkier phone cases.


Please also note: If you select an MDPC-X double-sleeving option, we will default your cord selection to a matching/complementary cord color.


Connector Options

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3.5mm Rean Neutrik Connector 3.5mm Neutrik Rean Gold Connector 3.5mm Amphenol Connector 3.5mm Amphenol Gold Connector
3.5mm / Neutrik Rean 3.5mm /Neutrik Rean Gold 3.5mm /Amphenol 3.5mm /Amphenol Gold

Color Chart

Take a look at the Color Chart to see the available cord, double-sleeving, and heatshrink color options.


If you have specific questions, try checking out the FAQ.